Pure Kangaroo Island - 9 Pure Food (manuka honey, figs, sauces...)

This is a wonderful collection of unique produce from the artisans on Kangaroo Island.

This bundle comprises:

- Beetroot Relish from KI Source

- Fuego Hot Sauce from KI Source

- Organic Honey 500g from Living Honey

- Sticky Fig Syrup 250g from The Figgery

- Sticky Figs 2 x 150g from The Figgery

- Australian Wild Manuka Ligurian Bee Honey 450g from Honey Alchemists

- Fig Vinegar 250ml from Ashbri

- Sticky Honey Balsamic Vinegar 250g from Latitude 36

- Fig Jam 250g from Penny's Pantry

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The artisans of Kangaroo Island are pleased to present this range of beautiful products for your tasting. They form a lovely present to those who appreciate exquisite natural produce from an unspoilt natural environment where food and wine are produced in balance with nature.

This is a collection of wonderful unique produce from the well-preserved land of Kangaroo Island.

Start the day with Fig jam from Penny's Pantry on toast. Add on some lovely Wild Manuka Ligurian Bee honey collected by the last genetically pure population of the Ligurian honey bees that only live on Kangaroo island.

For tea breaks, taste the various fig products from the Figgery at Stokes Bay of Kangaroo Island, a small orchard producing fresh figs and fig products in small artisanal batches.

The Beetroot Relish and Fuego Hot Sauce from KI Source will go well as a condiment to any meal. To freshen your salads, toss them in Ashbri's Fig Vinegar and Latitude 36 Sticky Honey Balsamic Vinegar with a spoonful of Ligurian Honey.

This completes this very unique selection of artisanal produces from Kangaroo Island, well-known for their incredibly unspoilt natural environment.