Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery

Woolshed Brewery

"We have a zealousness to quench a big thirst with a unique flavour..."

- Tom Freeman Proprietor & Head Brewer.

Located on a picturesque backwater of the Murray River, historic Wilkadene Woolshed was built in the 1860’s as  part of a the large Wilkadene  sheep station. Wool shorn in the shed was picked up by river paddle steamers  for transport to England woollen mills . Over a 150 years  later the old woolshed still produces fine quality product for export, no longer wool to England, but true “outback” Beer. 

Tom & Sarah Freeman only brew their outback beer and stout using only local barley and wheat ingredients from South Australia’s famous “Riverland” region. The Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery is the Riverland’s only independent craft brewery. 

Having created a true thirst quenching beer Tom turned his attention to other local Riverland produce fruit and wine and now produces a unique fruity & refreshing Fruit Spritzes.  

“We are passionate at using local and unique ingredients such as Australian Wattle seed & Ruby Grapefruit to produce real tasting flavoursome based fruit spritz.”

Tom & Sarah are also just as passionate at preserving the environment and the heritage of the region;

“Our 18th century buildings are on the state heritage register. We produce our own solar power, use fresh clean rain water from our pristine environment and use Bio-cycle waste systems for recycling brewery waste for non chemical fertiliser."