Vickers Gin

"With 2 centuries of Gin making heritage and the finest proprietary ingredients Vickers Gin is a sophisticated dimension in refreshment."

- Steven Magarry - Master Distiller


In Regency-era London, brothers John and Joseph Vickers created a drink of exceptional refinement and purity. By 1813 the brothers set up the company J & J Vickers & Co. and operated from London.

Vickers was first exported from London to Australia in the early 1930’s, and by the early 1940’s it was made under licence in Australia  to the original recipe. Vickers Gin, now Australian owned, is still produced to the Original recipe at 23rd Street Distillery (original built in 1914) in the history town Renmark South Australia.

With over 100years of family heritage in distilling Steve Magarry uses only agricultural grain and classic Juniper Berry together with proprietary  botanicals including Angelica Root for subtle earthy tones, Bitter Almonds for a silky, smooth palate, Caraway Oil adding texture and Coriander providing light citrus notes and hints of gingery spice.