Paris Creek Farms

Paris Creek Farms

"We love dairy. We love the big blue and green ball we all live on. And we’re tickled pink that our two great loves are so compatible."

The thought of what most dairy products endure between farm and table makes us shudder. Ours, on the other hand, are all created from certified bio-dynamic organic milk from coddled and pampered cows. Every last drop is sourced from proudly South Australian herds and delivered fresh to Paris Creek Farms.

But that’s just the beginning. Every batch of our yogurt and cheese is unique. You’ll notice it straight away. They look different. And taste different. (Good different, we assure you).

Good dairy does not create itself. It needs the hand, eye and most importantly soul of a master to help it along the path to greatness. So, our team of cheese and yogurt obsessives hover over every small batch: poised to intercede, but also happy to give Nature her chance.

Their experience selects the correct proportions of live, bio—active cultures. Their knowledge allocates just enough time to let the mighty microbes do their work. Their intuition determines how long to press the curds and how hard.

Award judges around the world have tasted the difference. We’re pretty sure you will too.

Bio-dynamic farms are, by their very nature, the epitome of sustainability. And far be it from us to let the side down.

So in 2014 we gave our facilities at Paris Creek Farms not just a once-over, but a twice-over. Could we improve our sustainability? Could we be better? Of course we could.

Harnessing solar power, solar hot water and earthly smarts, we are now one of the most energy-friendly dairy producers in this vast land. And we improve every day.

To help us help ourselves, we took full advantage of a Clean Energy Grant from the Clean Technology Food and Foundry Investment Program.