Mismatch Brewing Co.

"Passionately brewing beer - our way - from high quality natural ingredients."

- Ewan Brewerton, Head Brewer and Director


 Mismatch Brewing Co. is a craft brewery based in the village of Nairne in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. It was foundered by  a 'mismatch(ed)' bunch of industry professionals and beverage specialist with the fundamental belief that the most important issue dominating craft beer today is to brew quality & consistent beers with a great and  enjoyable to drink. Joining together the “mismatchers” launched  their dream of craft brewing company in 2012.

From its humble beginnings Mismatch has grown into one of Australia’s leading craft breweries with a modern brewery using latest sustainable technology such as solar panels and recycling.

Using local ingredients and purified water  we monitor each stage of brewing to maintain our quality & consistency to achieve the enjoyable taste in cans and kegs.