Illegal Tender Rum Co.

"Our flavour comes from using only Local catchment rainwater, 100% Australian dark brown sugar cane, our unique fermentation process, double distilling, and barrel aging using only the finest barriques available."

- Codie Palmer, Founder & Master Distiller


Illegal Tender Rum Co. was founded by Master Distiller Codie Palmer. Codie has been making rum for 17 years and turned his obsession with distilling a true heritage rum into a thriving Rum Distillery on his family farm in the pristine mid-west of Western Australia.

Our Rum pays tribute to that time in Australian history and our 230+ year love affair with Rum.

In 1808 the Governor of New South Wales, William Bligh was arrested, and the colony was placed under military rule. This became known as the “Rum Rebellion”.  Rum became for a short time an

Illegal form of currency or Tender'.

To get our unique taste we start with purified rainwater (free of salts and other harmful elements) and the rich distinctive full flavour of 100% natural moist Dark Brown Cane Sugar (creates a far superior spirit than those made with molasses). The spirit is then fermented in house before being distilled twice, removing virtually all the sugar, and keeping all the dark brown sugar flavour from start to finish.

Codie’s hard work has been rewarded with:

16 World Spirit awards Including 4 Gold Medals at the Chinese Wine and Spirit Awards 2017, 2018, 2019

International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017

SIP International Spirits Competition 2017

World Rum Awards 2018, 2020

Including Worlds Best Column Distilled Rum 5 Years Old and under