Goolwa PipiCo

Goolwa PipiCo

"Whether you cook them on the barbie, lather them with butter and garlic, or toss them through some XO sauce; our pipis never fail to please."

Goolwa PipiCo brings together more than 100 years of combined experience and the collection of fishermen and women working together at Goolwa PipiCo are proud of their unique story and their especially delicious product. 

Goolwa PipiCo harvests its pipis from the stunning Coorong National Park in South Australia. Our beach is so remote it can only be accessed from the water, or a 100km drive along the sand from the southern end of the beach. We harvest our pipis with the utmost thought about maintaining our pristine environment. For this reason we still harvest our pipis by hand. Our modern processing facility located in Port Elliot uses state of the art filtration systems to make sure our pipis are completely sand free.

Sustainably certified

We are one of only a handful of clam fisheries in the world to receive MSC certification. We work closely with government regulators and scientists to ensure the sustainability of the resource we fish.

State of the art processing

Our modern processing facility located at Port Elliot uses world’s best practice filtration systems to remove any grit from our pipis. Our state of the art packing technology locks in the freshness of our pipis.

Packed to the highest food standards

When you buy Goolwa PipiCo product you can rest assured that there is nothing but 100% Australian seafood in every pack.

A pristine location

We harvest our pipis from some of the cleanest water in the world. Accessing the beach is virtually impossible unless you have the right equipment.


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