Goodieson Brewery

Goodieson Brewery

"The brand is a promise, you have to live up that promise. If I am not 100 percent happy with the beer, it doesn’t go out the door."

- Jeff Goodieson, Owner

Jeff and Mary Goodieson have been building Goodieson Brewery for the last ten years. Having spent their twenties travelling through Europe, they both developed a refined taste for craft beer among the traditional beer houses they frequented in Austria and Germany. Upon returning home to Australia in 1994 via the US, and seeing the rise of craft beer around the world, Jeff’s passion grew, seeing him complete a Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours in Malting and Brewing in 1999. 

Ever since its conception, Goodieson Brewery has consistently been recognised among Australia’s best craft breweries and producers of traditional, and unique beer styles.  Incorporating traditional techniques, Jeff’s award-winning brewing practices deliver big flavoured, full-bodied beers with fresh, clean finishes. Their unique offering focuses on the use of natural ingredients without preservatives or additives, and are brewed onsite.  

Today, Goodieson Brewery proudly presents a core range of seven beers, and a newly introduced range of seasonal ales and stouts in 2017. Jeff is frequently listed as a person of influence within the Australian brewing industry, and is committed to staying true to the promise he made back when the rustic brewery produced its very first ale - that of consistency.

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