Ferguson Australia

Ferguson Australia

"We at Ferguson Australia are committed to marine research and innovative sustainable fishing practices and have gained international recognition as an award winning and innovative seafood processor and exporter."

- Andrew Ferguson, Founder

The family business started in 1969 when Robert Ferguson commenced fishing for Southern Rock Lobster in the South East of South Australia, after a career change from farming to fishing. His son Andrew Ferguson continued the fishing business in 1980, adding further fishing vessels to the fishing operations – Ferguson Fisheries.

In 1999, Andrew and Debra Ferguson (founders of Ferguson Australia) identified an opportunity in the Southern Rock Lobster industry, to value add the abundant supply of larger lesser valued lobsters, while exporting the smaller sized lobsters on the international market. Andrew and Debra saw a need to utilise these larger lobsters to not only receive a better price for the fishermen but also keep the industry sustainable. Andrew and Debra went on to develop their award winning innovative lobster range produced from larger sized lobsters and in 2003 established the brand “Ferguson Australia” to manufacture and market this premium range of seafood.

Today, the Ferguson Australia Group is a third generation seafood company encompassing five family members working in the family business, managing many facets across the business, including Ferguson’s fishing fleet, export, international offices and Australian retail / wholesale trade.

Ferguson Australia Group is 100% Australian owned and operated by the Ferguson family who are based in South Australia.

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