Barossa Valley Brewing


"Passion with no compromise, quality ingredients, experiment to get new & diverse tastes & aromas. This is my philosophy."

- Denham D'Silva

As a young lad I was travelling the world with my family. Eventually in 1990’s I ended up studying at university in the USA. To pay my way at University I started working for local craft brewers. Spending much time with these passionate brewers I fell deeply in love with this amazing beverage until it became a passion. Upon coming home I did what any sensible person would… I started a brewery.

We chose the Barossa Valley for its adherence to quality ingredients  and its culture of experimentation, which has allowed it to produce some of the planet’s best beverages. We’ve learned from the talented people who work and live here to produce world class beers that sit alongside world class wines. We work with the best and freshest ingredients – Barossa-roasted coffee beans, locally smoked malt, local picked cherries, or lemongrass tended by Barossan producers. 


I am often asked, “Why Australia’s most famous wine area for a brewery?”. Quite simply this region draws people who have a passion for creating the best. The culture here has allowed it to produce the world’s finest wines. We learned from the people who work and live here. The result is we are now a highly awarded brewery that can stand proudly next to the great wineries found of the region.


Beer is often not paid the same respect as wine. I love great wine, but the truth is wine, made with only one ingredient (grape) can never be as exciting as beer which can be brewed with many ingredients. Driven by passion, innovation and dedication to quality we live and brew by the following rules; 

1. Never compromise quality. Use the best ingredients and take no short cuts.
2. Experiment. Be brave and try things big breweries cannot.
3. Brew for the love of the beer. Learn to measure success not from coin gained but joy you and your friends get from drinking your beer.


Our beers reflect those 3 rules. Our commitment to experiment means our beers are diverse with flavours and aromas many have never tasted in a beer. The range goes from crisp and refreshing Pilsners to beers with additions of Aussie lemon myrtle, chocolate and coffee.


We must be doing something right as we are now have a cabinet of trophies and medals. Over the last 3 years, these include 3 consecutive golds for our IPA at the Australian International Beer Awards, The worlds largest annual beer awards. This goes along with Champion SA IPA, Champion SA Exhibit and Best Beer at the Royal Adelaide Beer Awards and multiple gold medals at the craft beer awards.  

This is just the start of the story. We keep working hard, experimenting harder and are enjoying great beer with an increasing band of friend, doing everything for love of beer. We hope you can join us on the journey.

Barossa Valley Brewing