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Barossa Fine Foods - Artisan Selections

"Barossa Fine Foods brings you the very finest fresh meats and traditional smallgoods from South Australia."

- Franz Knoll, Founder and Managing Director 

Feel like dining on a slice or two of maple syrup and orange glazed ham? At Barossa Fine Foods, proudly owned and run by the Knoll family, four generations of Knolls since 1924 have drawn on their German heritage to handcraft the finest smallgoods and charcuterie, using traditional methods and recipes. 

Barossa Fine Foods’ tradition in smallgoods production goes back to great uncle Andreas Knoll who learnt to make smallgoods such as viennas, knackwurst and salamis in a Munich factory at the age of 15 in 1924 and went on to own his own shop.

He was followed by his nephew Hans who learnt the business from him before migrating to Australia in 1957, eventually opening his own shop where his son Franz started work also at the age of 15. Franz learnt to make the very same smallgoods that his great uncle made 48 years earlier.

In 1991 Franz started his own smallgoods business in Adelaide, South Australia, where he bought a shop in the city’s famed Central Market, called it Barossa Fine Foods and made small quantities of product on his parents farm in the Barossa Valley, never imagining it becoming Australia's most awarded smallgoods producer, now boasting more than 700 medals won from national and state competitions.

In 2001 the fourth generation of the Knoll family smallgoods makers began work at age 16, continuing the family tradition of making high quality product made to traditional recipes.

Barossa Fine Foods sources raw materials from some of the best farmers in South Australia and uses the great relationships it has with its farmers to provide the best the state has to offer. Where possible it sources free range and organic produce.

Barossa Fine Foods prides itself on staying true to its traditional hand-processing methods, never compromising on the quality of its smallgoods.