Ferguson Australia

Andrew Ferguson  

Ferguson Australia is an industry leader in the Australian commercial fishing industry mostly due to the family’s commitment to marine research and innovative sustainable fishing practices.

Streaky Bay Seafood

Damon & Dion Edmunds  

Artisans Damon and Dion Edmunds are amongst the abalone quota owners who supply Spencer Gulf Abalone Blue Sky Fisheries with premium abalone products sourced from the pristine waters of Southern Australia.

Kinkawooka Shellfish

Bob & Andrew Puglisi  

Kinkawooka shellfish grow and harvest premium shellfish to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and culinary quality.

Goolwa PipiCo


Goolwa PipiCo’s pipis are harvested in the pristine Southern Ocean of Australia and enjoyed around the world.

Barossa Fine Foods

Franz Knoll  

Barossa Fine Foods brings you the very finest fresh meats and traditional small goods from South Australia.

Pendleton Fine Foods

Nick Whiting  

Pendleton Fine Foods is proud to bring to you some of the world’s finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils and vinegars, all sourced from South Australia.

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek

Ulli and Helmut Spranz  

Welcome to B.-d. Farm Paris Creek. We’re very pleased to bring you a superb collection of some of the finest cheeses from Australia

Baylies Epicurian Delights

Robert and Angela Bell  

At Baylies, we don't just talk about finding great products, we work hard to deliver them - through Artisan Selections


Sue and Gary Bracegirdle  

Bracegirdle’s brings you our range of award-winning fine chocolates handmade in South Australia by our highly talented chocolatiers

Just Bliss Chocolates

Gulcay Bateman  

Just Bliss specializes in hand-made chocolates using premium coverture.

Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer  

I’m thrilled to see my products in amongst the delicious collection put together by Artisan Selections, I think it’s a wonderful fit!

Saskia Beer

Saskia Beer  

Saskia Beer Farm Produce would love to share with you some of the finest tastes from South Australia’s famed Barossa Valley

Charlesworth Nuts

Liam Charlesworth  

The Charlesworth family is a family business and we have the strong values you’d expect from a family

Eden Hall

David and Mardi Hall  

Our guiding principles are simply the pursuit of excellence and sustainability, with the expectation that our wines will sit comfortably and proudly at any table in the world.

Deviation Road

Kate and Hamish Laurie  

It is our great pleasure to partner with Artisan Food Selections Australia to bring you what many regard as South Australia’s finest sparkling wines

Hart of the Barossa

Michael and Alisa Hart  

We’re pleased to partner with Artisan Food Selections Australia to bring you some of Australia’s finest wine – straight from the heart of South Australia’s famous Barossa Valley

CRFT Wines

Frewin Ries and Candice Helbig  

We’ve realised our long-held dream to champion the incredible diversity of soils and climates across South Australia, and we’re delighted to bring our unique wines to you in partnership with Artisan Food Selections Australia

Turnbull Wines

Mark and Paul Turnbull  

Together we have more than 70 years experience making and marketing some of Australia’s most iconic wines. We’ve brought all this experience together at Turnbull Wine Co, where we’re proud to partner with Artisan Food Selections Australia

Islander Estate

Jacques Lurton  

Bordeaux-based flying winemaker Jacques Lurton has completed 21 vintages in Australia. He is one of the world’s most famous flying winemakers and was recently named in Andrew Jefford’s list of Australia’s 12 best winemakers. Since graduating from Bordeaux

Pike & Joyce Families

Andrew Pike & Mark Joyce  

The Pike & Joyce brand represents the coming together of two famous families to form a unique partnership in wine. The Pike family, long established in winemaking and viticulture, and the Joyce family longtime horticulturists, banded together in 1997 to d


Neil & Andrew Pike  

Pikes are one of Australia’s leading dry Riesling producers with their [Traditionale] being one of the top selling wines in the Premium Riesling category.

Gaelic Cemetery Wines

Neil Pike & Grant Arnold  

The brief for the partnership is quite simple: to craft small volumes of super premium Clare Valley wines that reflect the variety, vintage and uniqueness of the place.

The Stoke Wines

Nick & Rebecca Dugmore  

Nick & Rebecca are part of the new wave of winemakers replacing the original group of winemakers that set SA wines on world map.

Tin Shed Distilling

Ian Schmidt & Vic Orlow  

At Tin Shed, we pride ourselves on producing artisan whiskies that do not disappoint. Our focus is always on flavour rather than efficiency.

Settlers Spirits

Rowland Short  

As an old sea dog and former master mariner I’ve always loved gin and now, through our partnership with Artisan Food Selection Australia, I’m able to share with you my dream of producing my own small batch artisan gin produced here in South Australia

Kangaroo Island Spirits (KIS)

Jon & Sarah Lark  

KIS, located in Cygnet River, is the only boutique distillery in South Australia. Its quirky cellar door and the aromas of roasting botanicals create a full sensory experience.

Prohibition Gin

Adam Carpenter and Wes Heddles  

Welcome to the world of the bootleggers of the 1920s, brought to you in a thoroughly contemporary way by Artisan Food Selections Australia

Adelaide Hills Distillery

Sacha La Forgia  

Adelaide Hills Distillery is passionate about creating high quality small batch spirits, that celebrate the specially selected botanicals. Here is home of world renown 78 Degrees Gin, the Gunnery Rum and more.

Kangaroo Island Living Honey

Shawn and Anthea  

Kangaroo Island Living Honey is a small, family run business that aims to produce the renowned Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee Honey without any use of chemicals throughout their farming process.

The Honey Alchemists

Ben Hooper and Danny Le Feuvre  

The Honey Alchemist’s range of honey pays homage to the pristine environments in which their honey is harvested. They travel to the purest, cleanest and most spectacular wild landscapes of South Australia in sourcing their range of 100% pure honey.

The Figgery


Located on the North Shore of Kangaroo Island, The Figgery continues to add to the legacy of Fig Trees on the island by producing deliciously sweet treats that can be a great addition to any meal.