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Liam Charlesworth, 3rd Generation, Charlesworth Family

Charlesworth Nuts began in 1934 when Herb Charlesworth bought a small nut stall in the Adelaide Central Market - just so his wife Doris would "have something to do". He could not have known that his business would still be going strong with 10 retail stores and a warehouse factory over 80 years later.

When Herb retired his son Chappy took over and grew the business for another 20 years, introducing new elements to the business that have since become part of Charlesworth Nuts’ core principles – including being the first in Australia to cook nuts fresh on site.

Chappy laid a solid foundation for the business before passing it on to his sons, Brett and Mark, who now control Charlesworth Nuts and have taken the business to a new level with more stores, a new production factory where they manufacture many of their own unique products. It’s also where they hand make a wide range of gift hampers and baskets, which have since gone on to become the company’s most popular products – two of which are now being made available through Artisan Food Selections Australia.

With its determination to provide world’s best quality, the company sources its nuts within Australia wherever possible and has resisted an industry trend over the past decade to source cheaper dried fruits from overseas, believing that the local fruit is the best quality – much of it sourced from South Australia’s Riverland region.

On its 70th birthday in 2004 Charlesworth Nuts was inducted in to South Australia’s Family Business Hall of Fame. Today the fourth generation of the Charlesworth family is working in the business – and there’s a fifth generation on the way.

The Charlesworth family is a family business and we have the strong values you’d expect from a family

Liam Charlesworth

3rd Generation, Charlesworth Family

We share those values with our team – they’re entrenched into our training and culture – and we impart those values to our customers every time they engage with us and enjoy our nuts and dried fruits. We’ve been doing it for more than 80 years and plan to for many more years to come.

Our products are never compromised: we buy the best and freshest and we store and handle everything with loving care, every step of the way.

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