Maggie Beer Food Hamper 2018

This beautiful hamper is specially assembled for Artisan Selections. Included in the bundle is Maggie Beer's latest cookbook with over 200 recipes that can help reduce your chances of Alzheimer's and other lifestyle diseases.

It comprises:

- Maggie Beer's latest book: 'Recipe for Life Cookbook'
- Raspberry & Pomegranate Jam 285g
- Ginger Chilli Sauce 250ml
- Seville Marmalade 285g
- Dark Chocolate & Vino Cotto Caramel sauce 250g
- Quince Paste 100g
- Dried Pears in Verjuice syrup 300g

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Maggie Beer Food Hamper 2018
Maggie Beer Food Hamper 2018

In stock


In stock

    “I’m so pleased to have created this gift especially for Artisan Selections customers. Along with my latest cook book ‘Maggie’s Recipe for Life’ I have also included some of my favourite products which I’m sure your family will love too. That’s what I love about the ritual of ‘sharing the table’, it can be a special occasion simply by adding a favourite ingredient or cooking a well-loved recipe – that’s how family traditions are made!”

    Maggie Beer


    "Maggie's Recipe for Life": My recipe for life is to have a healthy attitude to eating – it’s all about balance, variety and choosing foods that give you the best chance of being in good health now and into your future. This is not a diet book – it’s a way of life.

    Raspberry & Pomegranate Jam: A traditional preserve made with ripe, seasonal fruit. Spread generously onto toast, warm scones, crumpets or as a glaze for cakes. Made with hand selected raspberries, so the true fruit flavour stars!

    Ginger Chilli Sauce: This is a zesty tomato sauce with a dash of chilli

    Seville Marmalade: A traditional preserve made with ripe, seasonal fruit. Spread generously onto toast or use as a glaze for cakes. This marmalade is very much for aficionados in search of that traditional, zesty edge only Seville oranges can provide. scones, crumpets and oatcakes all taste better piled high with this thick cut marmalade.

    Dark Chocolate & Vino Cotto Caramel sauce: A sweet, highly aromatic, velvety caramel, rich with cocoa and anise, this delicious flavour combination is wonderful swirled through a pavlova before baking, or served simply with the freshest strawberries.

    Quince Paste: Quince paste is the perfect accompaniment with traditional French Brie, strong French Camembert, Parmigiano Reggiano & mature vintage cheddar.

    Dried Pears in Verjuice Syrup: These sun-dried pears are full of old fashioned Barossa flavour. With a delicious balance of pear sweetness and the lift of Verjuice they are perfect to team with a soft curd cheese, or use in baking and desserts.