Helen Nielsen

Welcome to Helen Nielsen

Helen is a qualified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and table olive judge who works with South Australia’s leading foodserve and retail supplier of artisan cheeses, located at Adelaide’s world renowned artisan Adelaide Central Market.

Helen’s love of food began at home, where her mother always prepared fresh home cooked meals, teaching her the taste of fresh, wholesome food. Her special love for Italian and Mediterranean food began equally early when, when aged only six, an Italian family moved in as neighbours.

With her Scandinavian heritage, Helen soon began exploring and enjoying foods and cooking styles around the world. Having graduated from the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s dental nursing school she travelled to London and obtained a diploma in oral hygiene and nutrition.

While in London Helen worked at several leading restaurants and travelled to many European countries in search of extraordinary food experiences, along the way being introduced to many ethnic cuisines including Indian, Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Asian. On returning to Australia Helen continued working in oral hygiene and nutrition as well working with a leading South Australian artisan food producer.