Festive Pantry Bundle of Olive Oil, Vinegar & Sauces

You need look no further to find Australia’s freshest and most flavoursome extra virgin olive oils, artisan vinegar and delightful sauces. Here you’ll find Pendleton Fine Foods multi-award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Maggie Beer’s most popular sauces to get you ready for Christmas feasting.

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Extra Virgin Olive oil - Early Harvest Cold Pressed   + AUD$0.00
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Ginger Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil   + AUD$0.00
Merlot Vinegar - Agridulce Bittersweet   + AUD$0.00
Balsamic Raspberry Vinegar Equilibri Dulce Sweet & Balanced   + AUD$0.00
Cherry Vinegar - Agridulce Bittersweet   + AUD$0.00
Traditional Tomato Sauce   + AUD$0.00
Cabernet Barbecue Sauce   + AUD$0.00
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Festive Pantry Bundle of Olive Oil, Vinegar & Sauces
Festive Pantry Bundle of Olive Oil, Vinegar & Sauces

In stock


In stock

    Pendleton Fine Foods is proud to bring to you some of the world’s finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils and vinegars, all sourced from South Australia.

    Nick Whiting

    Executive Director

    Pendleton Fine Foods has also created a selection of flavoured extra virgin olive oils, combined with three extraordinary flavoured vinegars, to provide you with an opportunity to create flavour combinations to suit every culinary occasion.

    The Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the traditional 400-year-old Agrumato method of crushing fresh citrus together with olives, while the Ginger Extra Virgin Olive oil is given a flavour kick with the freshest ginger. Great for marinades or salad dressings.

    The Cherry Vinegar has fresh sweet and sour cherries from the Adelaide Hills maturated with our Chardonnay Vinegar, deep red and richly flavoured, perfect for deglazing, salad dressings or marinades.

    The Raspberry Vinegar infuses the finest fresh raspberries with a white balsamic-style vinegar, ideal for game and red meat deglazes, while the Merlot Vinegar, using grapes selected from South Australia’s best wine regions, has full-bodied, bitter-sweet flavours that are perfect for seasoning, vinaigrette of a deglazed sauce.

    Maggie Beer’s Traditional Tomato Sauce a necessary item for any kind of outdoor event. Made in traditional Barossa style, this is a sauce full of rich ripe tomatoes, but not too sweet, with a piquant lift of Maggie’s own quality red wine vinegar.

    Maggie’s Cabernet Barbecue Sauce is a firm favourite of the Barossa – thick with ripe cabernet grapes. It’s versatile, too - brush as a marinade on leg of lamb; add to casseroles and gravies for richness; or just make everything cooked on the barbecue taste better than you can imagine.

    The Maggie Beer Ginger Chilli Sauce came about because Maggie’s husband, Colin, wanted a zesty sauce with lots of zing and a dash of chilli – and this is the result. Use it as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and wontons, toss chicken pieces in the sauce and grill on the barbecue for a special treat, or simply add to stir-fries.

    This pantry bundle contains 9 beautiful flavours each in a 250ml bottle:
    Pendleton's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ginger Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cherry Vinegar, Raspberry Vinegar and Merlot Vinegar and
    Maggie Beer's Cabernet Barbecue Sauce, Ginger Chilli Sauce and Traditional Tomato Sauce