Lobster fishing, Southern Ocean Australia

Wild-caught from pristine waters of Australia’s Southern Ocean

The pristine waters of the Southern Ocean of Australia are home to arguably the best seafood in the world.

The unspoiled environment with clean unpolluted waters, vast stretches of undisturbed coastline (unaffected by industrial development – in fact, virtually any development at all – making them uniquely free from any human-induced pollution). This pristine environment combined with the mild Mediterranean climate conditions enable the flourishing of the world’s finest seafood.

At Artisan Selections, we curate only wild-caught seafood from highly reputable fishermen who have dedicated their business to sustainable fishing. Their respect for the waters and the bounty (adhering to strict quota and sustainable practice) have helped ensure the quality of seafood caught from the Southern Ocean.

Whether it’s supreme Southern Rock Lobster, Wild Green and Black-lipped Abalone, Spencer Gulf King Prawns or Bluefin Tuna, their incomparable freshness and purity are hallmarks of the most premium of seafood desired by both master-chefs and discerning consumers alike.

One’s choice of seafood should be based on two fundamental criteria, namely, the taste profile determining our level of pleasure and the health implications from consumption. Today, we witnessed the dangers posed by polluted oceans, rivers and fish farms. The horrors of discovering plastic in our seafood, the health hazard of consuming chemical and metal contaminants and parasites cannot be ignored when choosing our seafood. At Artisan Selections, we pride ourselves to be purveyors of nothing less than clean and wild-caught premium seafood.

The Southern Rock Lobster

Southern Rock Lobster

The Australian Southern Rock Lobster is among the world’s most sought-after crustaceans. The most demanding chefs revere its unique flavour and texture.

The Southern Rock Lobster is characterized by its sweet rich flavour, low oiliness, and moist, and medium-firm flesh. The texture of raw Southern Rock Lobster is creamy and rich, when cooked it has a crisp, firm texture, which should soften easily in the mouth. The meat to shell ratio is between 45 and 52% which produces one of the best yields among lobsters.

The Southern Rock Lobster is excellent when poached, baked, grilled, steamed or sliced for Sashimi. No matter what style of cuisine, the Southern Rock Lobster will be the pride and star of any banquet menu.

The Blacklip and Greenlip Abalone


The abalone wild-picked from the Southern Ocean is some of the rarest in the world.

The abalone is elusive to find and dangerous to harvest (the dive to harvest abalone is considered one of the most demanding and precarious – extreme temperatures and presence of man-eating white-pointer sharks). Coupled with the strict quota systems imposed on licensed catchers, makes the abalone from the Southern Ocean highly prized.

The flavour of the Blacklip Abalone is mild to strong – an intense meaty flavour with a subtle sweetness and a savoury umami. The Greenlip Abalone has an intense full flavour with a lingering sweetness.

The abalone can be poached, braised, served as sashimi, grilled, roasted or poached.

The Spencer Gulf King Prawn


The Spencer Gulf King Prawns are renowned throughout the world as the premium species of prawn, wild caught straight from the cold clean waters of the gulf and full of natural flavour.

Prawns tend to prefer to live in warmer tropical or sub-tropical waters, however, the Spencer Gulf King Prawns live at the lower limit of temperatures, which makes them truly unique.

The Spencer Gulf King Prawns are characterised by having a deep rich savoury flavour underpinned with a subtle vanilla sweetness and a fresh iodine zing on the finish. The cooked meat has a light peach-orange skin with a bright, white flesh.

Frozen prawns are more superior to so-called live prawns.  The time the prawn takes to go from prawn landing to the freezer is generally less than 30 minutes. This minimal time guarantees the culinary integrity of the prawn. Therefore the integrity and quality of prawns freshly frozen and packed will always be superior to one, which has endured days of variable handling in a fresh state.

With the availability of the World’s Finest Seafood wild-caught from the pristine waters of Australia’s Southern Ocean, you should give amiss the polluted and exorbitantly priced so-called live seafood. The best is now here for your pleasure.