The Honey Alchemists

Welcome to The Honey Alchemists

Ben Hooper and Danny Le Feuvre, Founders

Ben Hooper and Danny Le Feuvre, the founders of The Honey Alchemists are extremely passionate and committed to the industry. Ben is a second generation bee apiarist and sits on the Honey Bee Advisory Board, and Danny has expertise in the area of agriculture and is the chair of the SA Apiary Alliance.

Together, their extensive knowledge on the topics of bees, science and technology in relation to plant genetics, physiology, meteorology and soil sciences, allows them to produce the finest Australian honey.

Our honey is 100% pure, collected in the time-honored way through simple extraction and straining practices. The straining techniques ensure the honey maintains its robust flavor, silky smooth texture and preserves the honeys own natural health qualities.

Ben Hooper and Danny Le Feuvre


The strain of honeybees that are used at The Honey Alchemists, come from a long lineage of bees passed down from generation to generation-in Ben’s family. They make sure to treat the bees with the utmost respect and their farming process is strictly pesticide free. The Honey Alchemists are meticulous in all that they do, and pay special attention to the timing of extractions so as to ensure that the honey is of the highest possible quality.


Ligurian Bee Honey: The Honey Alchemist’s Australian Wild Manuka Ligurian Bee Honey is sourced from the pristine and beautiful Kangaroo Island. The pure strain of Ligurian bees and the native flora of the island come together in a unique honey that is hypoallergenic and has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

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