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Teresa McLuckie, Owner & Artisan Preserve Maker

Teresa, a passionate preserve maker, wanted to make preserves in the natural way.  Starting with this philosophy and her home kitchen, her range of products and business grew and now, Gourmet Entertainer specialises in producing batch crafted preserves just like your Great Grandmother made.

“Using local fresh Adelaide Hills ingredients, we hand process the ingredients to the extent where we strain our veggies to achieve a thicker product rather than adding thickeners and additives.  Our products taste “clean” as we don’t add any preservatives, relying instead on  natural preserving agents such as lemon juice, vinegar, sugar, olive and mustard oils, salt, spices.

My passion is to only use fresh ingredients and traditional natural preserving methods to produce our unique flavoured relishes, pastes & chutney as an accompaniment to fine food.

Teresa McLuckie

Owner & Artisan Preserve Maker

The colours are all natural, and our products are gluten free.  As a result our products are all natural, gluten free and our traditional preserving methods ensure a long shelf life for our products."

Gourmet Entertainer products make the perfect partner as marinade or condiment for meats including lamb, pork, chicken; or as an accompaniment on a cheeseboard.