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My food philosophy will always remain: to cook from the heart, making the most of each and every ingredient I have to hand. Taste and quality are paramount in the creation of my range. My aim is to make the very best products available to everyone, regardless of cooking skills or the time restrictions of a busy lifestyle. I hope I can share my love of a good food life with you all.

My recipe for life is to have a healthy attitude to eating – it’s all about balance, variety and choosing foods that give you the best chance of being in good health now and into your future.

Maggie Beer is one of Australia’s best-known culinary icons and very much a Barossa food tradition in her own right. Maggie’s fame has been built on a career that spans farming, food production, exporting, food writing and television presenting. A respected mentor to many, she is celebrated for her entrepreneurial skills and natural leadership abilities.

I’m thrilled to see my products in amongst the delicious collection put together by Artisan Selections, I think it’s a wonderful fit!

Maggie Beer


Inspired by the Barossa Valley’s abundance of fresh produce, Maggie Beer Products bases its reputation on Maggie’s own philosophy of using quality ingredients, in season, to produce the best niche market gourmet products.

As Maggie explains: “We are so lucky to have access to the growers we have in the Barossa. A strong food culture develops organically over time, based on the day-to-day lives of the people that make up the community. The Barossa has such a rich diversity of produce that it has naturally allowed and encouraged an ever-growing tapestry of food-based ventures, but all of them are steeped in a common history. That’s the key: there must be substance that sits behind what appears idyllic.”

Taking inspiration from the abundant surrounds of the Barossa and its Mediterranean climate, Maggie’s original food philosophy still stands today: always cook from the heart, with ingredients at hand, never letting anything go to waste.  This is the basis that underpins all that Maggie did then, and all that Maggie does now.

As with everything Maggie does, flavour drives the end result and, with that in mind, there are equal parts applied research and serendipity in her approach.

Maggie's latest book, "Maggie's Recipe for Life" is not a diet book - it is a way of life.  Maggie Beer and Professor Ralph Martins have teamed up to fight one of the most debilitating diseases of our later years. Based on the latest scientific research, Maggie has created more than 200 recipes that help provide the nutrients we need for optimum brain health. More than one million Australians are affected every day by Alzheimer’s or its impact on their family but the good news is that you can eat well to age well, from this moment on.

The proceeds from "Maggie’s Recipe for Life" will be shared between the Maggie Beer Foundation and the Lions Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

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