Kangaroo Island Living Honey

Welcome to Kangaroo Island Living Honey

Shawn and Anthea, Owners

Shawn began beekeeping in 1998 as a hobby but soon realized he wanted to keep working with bees more seriously. Now, Shawn and his wife Anthea, along with their 5 children run Kangaroo Island Living Honey. They currently have 180 productive hives and extract 20 tons of honey every year. They hope to keep building hives and producing high quality, certified organic honey without any use of chemicals throughout the farming process.

We avoiding using chemicals in all aspects of our farming practices. Our Aim is to produce products of a high standard and as natural as possible.

Shawn and Anthea


Kangaroo Island is a Ligurian bee sanctuary with the only pure strain of Ligurian bees left in the world. Kangaroo Island’s pure Ligurian bees are known for their gentle nature and productivity and they are the integral workers behind Kangaroo Island Living Honey. Kangaroo Island Living Honey produces raw and organic honey with many health benefits such as boosting energy, building immunity and antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

- Living Honey 500ml

Each flavor of honey is produced at different times throughout the year and therefore flavors are only seasonally available. Honey from Kangaroo Island Living Honey is certified organic (excluding creamed variations) and raw. Can be ingested as a natural sweetener or for many health benefits such as to boost energy, build immunity or lower cholesterol. Raw honey can also be applied topically to mild wounds, grazes or burns as it has anti-bacterial properties.

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