Welcome to Cacao

Laurent Meric & Tim Clark, Co-owners / Chocolatiers

Our story began in Melbourne in 2003.  Since then, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the production of premium chocolates within Australia.

Our colourful and expertly crafted chocolates have very quickly become the benchmark in fine chocolates and have been our signature product that continues to excite and inspire our customers.

We have the utmost respect for traditional techniques and methods but we love pushing the boundaries and adding our own creativity to the mix.

Our luxurious Chocolates are hand-crafted and moulded from the finest couverture chocolate and premium grade cocoa beans to create a chocolate that is rich, velvety smooth that is never bitter or dry.

We are driven by one fundamental principle and that is to produce the best quality Chocolates and macarons. The essence to what we are at CACAO is built on expertise, creativity, passion, using only the finest ingredients.

Laurent Meric & Tim Clark

Co-owners / Chocolatiers

With this undivided devotion to Chocolate, the artistic presentation and attention to detail can be recognised with all of our work. Every piece of chocolate is masterfully constructed by hand to create a unique piece of art with its own personality.