Adelaide Hills Distillery

Welcome to Adelaide Hills Distillery

Sacha La Forgia, Founder & Distiller

Adelaide Hills Distillery was launched in 2014 with the release of the now renowned, and highly awarded, 78 Degrees Gin. Our founder and distiller, Sacha La Forgia, had painstakingly and laboriously built a copper still from scratch, having recently returned to Australia from several wine vintages worked the world over. It was on these travels that Sacha met a distiller in Northern Italy, who recognised Sacha’s passion and aptitude in crafting high quality small batch beverages, and encouraged him to return to Australia and follow his dream.

The Adelaide Hills in South Australia is home to some of Australia’s most revered farms, orchards and gourmet producers, with its celebrated cool climate providing perfect conditions for growers and farmers alike. From this enviable land-scape, we take the inspiration for Adelaide Hills Distillery. 

Crafted in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Adelaide Hills Distillery is passionate about creating high quality small batch spirits, that celebrate the specially selected botanicals we sourced.

Sacha La Forgia

Founder & Distiller

To use only the highest quality produce, sourced both locally and from other premium regions both interstate and around the world. To make use of the premium water available in our backyard. And to make this commitment to quality our driving philosophy.

With an unyielding commitment to quality from the outset, Sacha built the still placing the basket above the column to allow botanicals to be vapour infused, as opposed to the more commonly used method of steeping. This gentle approach means only the purest alcohol vapours pass through the basket, delicately drawing the flavours and aromatics of individually infused botanicals. Carefully selected botanicals are drawn from the Australian landscape, with natives such as Sunrise Lime, Boobialla, Strawberry Gum and Lemon Myrtle adding depth and interest to Sacha’s unique blends.

The success of the 78 Degrees Gin drove Sacha to chat with Steve Dorman and Toby Kline of The Hills Cider Company about expanding the business. The synergies of these Adelaide Hills based brands, both built around value and quality, was quickly apparent to Steve and Toby, who recognised Sacha’s passion and aptitude and quickly joined Sacha as co-owners, excited to take Adelaide Hills Distillery to the next phase of growth.

12 months on, as new products are added to the range, so quickly do the awards mount up. Best International Gin at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards was one of many recognitions both here and globally that have launched Adelaide Hills Distillery onto a world stage. A bitter orange aperitif, aptly named ‘The Italian’ has found a revered home in the back bar of some of Australia’s most exciting cocktail venues, while the Gunnery Rum has excited rum lovers with its unique use of Australian natives. The next step in this evolution is a new production facility in the Adelaide Hills, which will be operational in early 2018.