Artisans of South Australia Gourmet Charcuterie Platter

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek’s award-winning range of handcrafted French-style soft and European style hard cheeses is made from the highest quality, premium, biodynamic-organic milk – and some of the very finest are included in this magnificent selection.

We have also included some mettwurst, salami, pear, crackers and sticky figs to form a complete cheese platter ready for any party.  They are all best produces from the local South Australian farms.

This bundle comprises the following items:

1x 180g Cheddar Cheese from B.-d. Farm Paris Creek

1 x 200g Gouda Cheese from B.-d. Farm Paris Creek

1 x 280g Ash Brie from B.-d. Farm Paris Creek

1 x 250g Mettwurst small whole (250g) Plain

2 x 100g Spanish Salami sliced

2 x 100g Smoked Wagyu Beef sliced

2 x 130g Mountain Pepper Crackers from Baylies Epicurean Delight

1 x 185g Kalamata Table Smoked Olives from KI Shop - Kangaroo Island EVOO

1 x 210g Cheese Platter Pear from Gourmet Entertainer

1 x 150g Sticky Figs from KI Shop - The Figgery

* Local conditions/restrictions do not permit us to deliver to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan

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