South Australian Artisan Cheese & Meat Charcuterie Platter

Christmas is a most sociable time of year when families and friends gather together to celebrate not just a major religious festival, but also a time to be joyful, charitable, kind and generous. 

* Local conditions/restrictions do not permit us to deliver to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan

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Mettwurst Garlic Whole 250g   + AUD$0.00
Pepperoni Salami Mild Whole   + AUD$0.00
New York Style Pastrami 100g (10 slices)   + AUD$0.00
Smoked Wagyu Beef 100g (10 slices)   + AUD$0.00
Mountain Pepper Crackers   + AUD$0.00
Gris Cendre (soft)   + AUD$0.00
Cheddar Cheese (hard)   + AUD$0.00
Gouda (hard)   + AUD$0.00

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South Australian Artisan Cheese & Meat Charcuterie Platter
South Australian Artisan Cheese & Meat Charcuterie Platter

In stock


In stock

    Barossa Fine Foods brings you the very finest fresh meats and traditional smallgoods from South Australia.

    Franz Knoll, Barossa Fine Foods

    Founder and Managing Director

    There is no better way to be generous to your friends and family on Christmas celebratory occasions than to take advantage of the splendid charcuterie platter assembled by Artisan Food Selections Australia, which brings you a choice selection of fine cheeses and traditional smallgoods handmade by the best artisan producers in South Australia.

    •  The superb Gris Cendre from B.-d. Farm Paris Creek is a typical French Style Double Brie that’s matured in a special natural ash to give it a rich flavour that will keep developing during maturation.
    •  Paris Creek’s Gouda, one of the world's greatest cheeses, is a mild, versatile cheese that has a rich aroma and is always creamy, even when aged.
    •  The Cheddar has the characteristics of a typical younger English cheddar, slightly crumbly but mellow on the tongue. A must on every cheese platter.
    •  Beef Salami: 100% pure beef, smoked fermented and heat treated.
    •  Plain Mettwurst (Sliced): Subtle mettwurst, smoked, fermented and heat treated.
    •  New York Style Pastrami: Best end brisket of beef, traditional cure coated in our own authentic New York style seasoning.
    •  Schulz Smoked Wagyu Beef: Using Wagyu beef with a minimum marble score of 4, traditionally cured, cold smoked and heat treated giving a unbelievable rich flavour that melts in your mouth. It is great on platters, used in sandwiches or salads and pairs beautifully with a spicy horseradish mayo.